i found in my pursuit of God that He was much more hotly in pursuit of me.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

commence entertainment

i'm bored

and i have writers block

yes, i could tell you that there are stripes on my coffee cup, or that i'm wearing a brown shirt. i could tell you that i love chamomile or that my real name is not rebecca marie winters. i could tell you that i drive a kia.

but those things are boring.

so, here's the plan. you ask me stuff i would know the answer to, anything, and i'll tell you. now get on with it... cause i'm bored.

arrivederci, rebecca marie

Sunday, June 25, 2006

me and the mister are all like in love and stuff

here's a wee little postie about the mister. i love him. me and him took vows to love each other and to do so for the rest of our lives. cooincidentally, we did it eleven years ago today. he's not going to read this, cause he thinks this whole bloggeddy do dad is laaaaame. those of you who are lucky enough to know him in real life would already know that he thinks this is lame. you might know that he even "booooos" it. whatever. he's part lame, too. i wouldn't have picked him if he weren't. he's perfect.

the moral of the story is: even though he'll never know that i told you all how much i dig him, and how glad i am that he picked me, i do love him, and i do dig him. enough to tell the internet.

(no picture today... i hafta go git ready for church. i'm gonna even invite him to take a shower with me. married people get to do fun stuff like that. he he he.)

arrivederci, rebecca marie

p.s. the haiku game is still happenin'

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

bad poetry? oh noetry!

who's for a haiku or two (or forty or so, if the last time we played is any indication)?

you know how they go... three lines, first line five syllables, second line seven, then back to five. here's how syllables work for those of us challenged. the word "how" is one, the word "syllable" is three, the word "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" is fourteen.

here's what makes it a game, in case you are too lazy to click the above clickie, too senile to remember from the last time, or basically new to my blog; i'll write the first haiku, then someone else comments the next haiku, using my last word as their first word and so on. play as often as you'd like, and have fun!

awesome. let's do it.

janni laine is rad
best sister of ever, ya'll
she's coming home soon!

next haiku starts with the word "soon." ready... steady... GO!

arrivederci, rebecca marie

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

not by any means comprehensive

1) i like the sound of the words "el duce"
2) i installed a new keyboard in my laptop yesterday. i have a v key again. yesssss.
3) when written, the word "poop" is funny. even though i wanna gag a little.
4) barry manilow does not, in my opinion, write the songs that make the whole world sing. i do like me some barry, but i don't think that the entire world sings his songs, or even sings as a result of his writing, especially considering he did not even write the song, "i write the songs that make the whole world sing."
5) you've got to give a little, take a little, let your poor heart break a little. that's the story of, that's the glory of love.
6) i have a difficult time remembering how to spell "only."
7) what kind of shoes does sponge bob wear?
8) i have a bendy magnet on my fridge that says "nashville," and each letter is a different colour.
9) penny loofas.
10)i miss raj.
11)feel free to add to this list, as i said, it is not by any means comprehensive.

arrivederci, rebecca marie

Friday, June 09, 2006

because you wanted to know

here are some things that i want.

i want less simulations on commercials. for real. just get a smoker or something, someone with yeller teeth and put the white strips on them for two weeks and show us the before and after. even if it is less drastic than the simulation, i'll be more likely to buy it. or a real kid with a scar. let us see if maderma or whatever it is actually works. go into a real house with a grodie shower and use your misty spray for two weeks and then show us. stop with the simulations already.

i want mtv to play coolio's fantastic voyage video once a day, preferably once an hour.

i want the prop people to put actual purse type things in prop purses. seriously. tampons, kleenex (used), gum wrappers, lotion, an old cracked wallet, four or five weeks worth of church bulletins, seventeen tubes of lipstick. i'm sick of seeing brand new looking purses containing nothing but prop cell phones. the actresses have to hold the purse waaaay up by their face so that we can't see that the obviously empty purse isn't empty and then riffle around the air making it look like they can't find their phone. just have purse crap in there, for craps sake.

i want andes mints after every meal at every restaurant. mcdonalds, old chicago, mike's drive in... not just the olive garden. i even want them with my fortune cookies (fyi... i recently got the following fortune - you may be hungry soon: order a takeout now).

i want t-shirts to be longer. not because i'm round, just because i'm so tired of seeing butt cracks. no, the answer is not higher jeans. the low ones are more flattering. period.

i want fuji apples to be seventy-nine cents a pound or less, forever.

i want bosom buddies back on the air.

okay, i think that is it for now. keep in mind, this is by no means a comprehensive list.

arrivederci, rebecca marie

Sunday, June 04, 2006

this one time? at church camp?

we all had crushes on the bonner boys. face it. we did. not so much todd (sorry todd, you were just too young) for me, but trey for sure. he was dreamy. he had this beautiful blonde hair, parted in the middle and feathered like i liked. and he wore button fly 501's and izod polo shirts and DECK SHOES WITH NO SOCKS. he was hot. well, i met him for the first time the summer between grade six and seven and by the end of the summer he. was. mine.

i still remember sitting on vancouvers t-n-t bus and holding hands with him... he was one of those good hand holders... all finger lacie and using the other arm to reach over and rub your fore-arm. dude had moves.

i remember pretending to be one hundred percent happy that i was going to go to disney land for my twelfth birthday, when really i was only about seventy five percent happy, because it meant i was leaving trey behind. i still remember the souvenier i bought him when i was gone. oh trey... why did it have to end.

oh right... cause i had to move on to jeff morrow and nathan wheeler... grade seven was a good year, but i digress.

what made me think of trey was a comment gina made on her brother ty's blog about the coveted bonner boys. then, just a few days later, breanna posted this entry about the dreaded midnight hike which promted me to comment (a typotastic comment, i might add) about my midnight hike memories. anyway... this was all a really long way of telling you about this super cool guy from my past that i had not thought of in years. as a matter of fact, i think it's been fifteen years (yes, since highschool, i'm that old) since i've laid eyes on him.

so imagine my surprise when i was with breanna at costco on friday afternoon and TREY BONNER WAS THERE.

it freaked my freak out. and i told him so.

and for those of you who had crushes on the coveted bonner boys? todd's in the airfoce and has a wife and three kids and trey is still local (camas, washington) and has a wife and two kids.

have i mentioned i'm glad i married my dream guy? since the bonner boys are taken anyway.

(i'm not really, my fella really is my dream guy. ask anyone who knows me in real life, i've got me a keeper.)

arrivederci, rebecca marie

Thursday, June 01, 2006

where is tom cruise when you need him?

or his boss, mr. hubbard. whoever it is that kills the aliens. at any rate... i fear janni laine was right. he is an alien.

arrivederci, rebecca marie

p.s. thanks ty... but this is starting to get too weird.

what is happening?

i'm afraid to go to sleep tonight... or forever. he's taking over. is no one safe from the federline?

arrivederci, rebecca marie

p.s. yes, i realize it should say "c-kli" and "b-sag" but i thought of that too late and i'm not changing it now. even brilliance of my level sometimes comes staggered.