i found in my pursuit of God that He was much more hotly in pursuit of me.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


i got a dog and her name is daisy and she's black and everything. she is TINY. we got her a week ago when she was only five weeks old because her mommy stopped nursing her. her mommy is a chocolate lab and her daddy is a rotweiller. she is comprised of awesome. last thursday when i took her to the doctor she only weighed 2.1 pounds. oh heck yes. miniature big dog.

i love her. i love her so hard. which is super awesome because i hate dogs. daisy rocks the house though. she makes me so happy. and she goes potty outside so good that she gets an a+ in going potty. she is the valedictorian of potty.

and she still has puppy breath and she is superior to every other dog.

and this is her sitting on the he-spawns lap on the way home for the first time,


and this is her and the she-spawn,


and this is her in the corner of the couch and she is not in trouble even though her face looks kind of sad. she just looks kind of sad because i wasn't holding her at that exact moment,


and you should come visit her. for reals. i want her to meet lots of people and other dogs right away so that she stays awesome.

i. love. daisy.

arrivederci, rebecca marie

recently overheard at my house

the mister - (directed at the ps3) oh my.... MOSES!

the she-spawn - (angrily) do not say Gods name in vain!

the mister - i didn't. i said "moses."

the she-spawn - (invoking the wrath of God) DO NOT TAKE THE NAMES OF GODS FRIENDS IN VAIN!

arrivederci, rebecca marie