i found in my pursuit of God that He was much more hotly in pursuit of me.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


arrivederci, rebecca marie

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

we were meant for this ladies

we can do it. we were built for it. it shouldn't be traumatic. of course, sometimes everthing doesn't go perfectly, but we need to stop selling ourselves short. we need to stop blindly believing everything that western medicine tells us and go back to the basics of our fearfully and wonderfully made bodies. don't go in asking for drugs. let your mind and spirit listen to your body. your body will do what it is supposed to do.

and if your body doesn't cooperate, then we can praise the lord that there are people smart enough to have figured out other methods (drugs and surgeries). but don't go into a natural experience planning on unnatural intervention.

this woman is my hero.

(this is not graphic... it's just a video of how she chose to manage labor)

arrivederci, rebecca marie