i found in my pursuit of God that He was much more hotly in pursuit of me.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

bet you wish i was your mom

so last night, me and the mister were watching a moving picture show on the glowing box and the she-spawn wouldn't go to sleep. so me and the mister were all like "listen to the he-spawn's ipod while you lay on the couch." you know... so that mayhap she'd go nuh-night and the mister could carry her up to her bed.

so anyway she was wearing only her grunders and a bathing suit over them (cause she's awesome like that, and she had decided that those would make good pyjamas), and she suddenly gets up and takes off the bathing suit and lays back down. then the conversation went like this.

she-spawn - (yelling) these underwear are so tight that they are making a red wrinkle!

me - then take them off and go put on different ones.

she-spawn - (pulling out ipod speakers [i can't say "earbuds," sick.]) what did you say mommy?

me - i said... that is a wish wrinkle! touch it and make a wish.

she-spawn - you mean like, "i wish fergus was back?"

me - no, he's in heaven and he is happy there.

she then placed her hand on her wish wrinkle and closed her eyes and reverently wished her wish.

dang, being a mom is awesome.

arrivederci, rebecca marie