i found in my pursuit of God that He was much more hotly in pursuit of me.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

sandra, OH!

one of the most beautiful actresses to come onto the scene ever is sandra oh. someone just made my entire thirty-fourth year of life (which says a lot considering my thirty-third birthday was only on september the third). wanna see the most flattering thing of ever? you do? well then, you'll have to click here.

arrivederci, rebecca marie

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

listen up, whiners!

there are bad calls in sports. every game. there has not been a perfect, justly officiated game, in any sport... ever.

am i glad that the ducks won? heck yes, ya'll. was it the most fun i've had at a game since they beat the longhorns in san diego? absolutely. do i find it annoying when people ask rhetorical questions and immediately follow with an answer? who doesn't.

but the fact remains... the last three minutes of the game cannot be replayed. who's to say if the officials had ruled differently, that oklahoma wouldn't have fumbled the snap leading oregon to run the ball into the endzone and still win? why didn't oklahoma's kicker kick that ball three inches higher, making it unblockable? and why is it only the end of the game calls that are so controversial? what about all of the missed pass interference calls? or the uncalled holding or blocks in the back? some went oregon's way that shouldn't have, some went oklahoma's.

there are real men officiating these games. we all have a bad day at work. period. i do not buy into that garbage about officials rigging games. i'm sure it happens sometimes, but i don't think that it's the rule. for every call that goes our way, there is one that doesn't. just like in life.

bottom line. there are bad calls every game, all the time. like i said, i'm glad oregon won. but let us have our victory, let us remember that we beat oklahoma ONE IN SIX TIMES, not that there were some controversial calls. oklahoma can have the other FIVE times. including the bowl victory.

but folks, this... this should never happen.

still on my saturday, high... rebecca marie

p.s. i had the most fun tailgating with loo and bsc. it was wonderfully weird meeting people for the first time and feeling like i'd known them forever. come back soon, unless you hate us, you know... since we won. can't we all just get along?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

clearly i am it

i got tagged by two lewiseseses to do this so i suppose i had better. everyone is doing what the lewises say. they are trendsetters, oh heck yes.

a book that changed my life besides the bible:
coincidentally, the poisonwood bible by barbara kingsolver.

a book i have read more than once:
the outlander series by diana gabaldon. the bloody jacobite uprising for the fellas, heaving bosom romance for the ladies, time travel for the sci-fi fans, naturopathy for the hippies, what's not to like? besides, who doesn't love a good highlander?

a book i would take with me if i were stuck on a desert island:
besides the go tos (bible, dictionary...), i'll have to reuse my previous answer and say the outlander series (yes, in my world a series counts as one). they are so meaty and cover so many things that you really could just keep on starting at thebeginningg.

a book that made me laugh:
the entire lemony snicket series, but especially the unauthorized autobiography.

a book that i wish had been written:
funny, i've been misreading this as "a book i wish i'd written" in which case i was going to joke that i wish i'd written a million little pieces. i haven't read it, but who couldn't stand a little bit of controversy? then i would have said the harry potter books, cause you know... she's loaded. now that i know what it says, i'm going to have to say that i wish, oh man... i'm typing as i think, this is hard, i really don't know. just when i think every story has been told, someone comes up with something brilliant. i wish there had been a book written that was so specific to my sense of humour that i could just read it and laugh and laugh and laugh. i'm a fan of the funny.

a book that i wish had never been written:
what was that one with the cheater woman? bridges of madison county. i hated that book. i get that infidelity happens, i get that it happens to real people. real people that i know. and that they have to live with their consequences forever, but i wish that women all over the country hadn't loved that story so much. what that woman did was not okay. i might have even been happy with it if she had confessed to her husband and he'd forgiven her, but to live your whole life with that secret and then make your kids bear theburdenn of the truth after you die is sick. i never saw the movie, people said it was good, but the book was so horrifying to me that i will never see the movie.

a book i have been meaning to read:
the bible. no really. i've read a lot of it, perhaps even all of it, at one time or another. but i'd really like to read it all the way through. like a story.

i'm currently reading:
four to score by janet evonovich, the secret garden by frances hodgsen burnett, the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime by mark haddon

okay... now practically everyone that i know has been tagged so we'll just say this... if you wanna do it, great. leave a comment so i know you did though, kay?

arrivederci, rebecca marie

Thursday, September 07, 2006

it's the most wonderful time of the year

no i do not mean back to school. i mean football, oh heck yes.

i don't know if you know this or not, but i am a college football fan. the oregon ducks, specifically. they rocked the house so hard last saturday, it was all the awesome. let's just say that the score was a lot to not very many. a good time was had by all (well, not by the stanford fans, but whatever).

also, instead of trying to make this a funny post like i used to, i'm just going to tell you a bunch of stuff all in one sort of boring post. i mean, let me take a moment to quickly fill you in my very exciting life.

first of all, i am now on drugs. i told the doctor all of my everything and as it turns out, it's not depression, it is anxiety. which made a LOT of sense. so like when i shout at the kids (when they are playing loudly even though they aren't being naughty) that they are making me crazy, they are actually making me crazy. the noise is literally making me anxious and nervous. but, a lot of the symptoms of anxiety match those of depression, so when i was researching and trying to figure myself out, i assumed it was depression.

it's very odd for a person who has rarely experienced stress or nervousness of any kind to suddenly be faced with it. no wonder i had no idea how to deal with it! my doctor is very anti-meds, so that made me happy right away. i know she will not prescribe a cocktail of happy pills unless it will really benefit the skewed chemicals in my body. right on, doctor progressive, right on. so a happier, less hostile and yellie me is forthcoming.

finally, fergus is back! the most awesome cat of ever is back! my most amazing family staged a kitty intervention on my behalf. when i couldn't stop crying over losing him (which was not normal for me) they knew they needed to intervene. they went to the pet store (pet stores are from the devil, i never should have gone against my personal policy of animal rescue only) and bought him back. they said, basically, "do whatever it takes to make him healthy, but do NOT sell him to anyone else, you guys suck for selling him to her in the first place and you WILL make him better."

so for fifteen days they fed him some super weight builder kitty food and got him fat enough to medicate. he was seriously bad off. someone actually lost her job over the initial sale of him. she was told not to take him in to be sold (she did it anyway) then she was told to keep him off the sales floor until he was healthy (she sold him to me). so i don't feel bad that she lost her job, it was a form of animal cruelty to allow him to be sold to people uninformed about the poor condition of his health. so anyway, long story not as long as it could be, fergus is back thanks to my awesome family, and he is just as sweet as he was before, only this time he doesn't sleep as much, since he's no longer dying.

okay, i'll be done now. sorry i didn't give you anything to laugh at. oh wait, here;

how do you kill a circus? you go for the juggler.

there. now everyone is happy. oh, here's a drawing, too.

arrivederci, rebecca marie

p.s. this conversation just happened at the store (janni laine is my witness and everything, not that i could make this up, it's just too good):

me: i hate that woman (the one who got mad at me for "taking her cart")...
(big pause)
me: with the love of jesus, of course.
girl child: that makes baby jesus cry.
me: what i just said?
girl child: no... what that lady did.