i found in my pursuit of God that He was much more hotly in pursuit of me.

Monday, August 28, 2006

update update update!

my computer has been resurrected!

i lost everything. no... literaly, everything. nothing that previously existed is there. i don't mean that i lost say, my resume. i lost word and every document created in word. i lost every photograph and four photo editing programs. i lost itunes and windows media player and every song in them. shall i continue or have i said enough that you are already grieving with me?

the one silver lining on this tremendous cloud is that because my friend john has doubled my memory like four times, i now have the fastest internet machine in the entire world (well, as fast as my dsl will get it, anyway).

i tried to watch gilmore girls last night, and i don't even have a dvd decoder anymore. i mean, i have one (and a cd burner, and lots of other stuff, too) but my operating system just can't see it. i found a free dvd decoder online though, so at least i can watch a very choppy decoded gilmore girls in the meantime. i just can't justify paying $14.95 for a good decoder such as intervideo or something when i know that i have one on this computer somewhere, fried or otherwise.

so as the french say, that's life. who needs excel or outlook or adobe photoshop or money or the three books i've begun or word or mgi photo suite or picture it studios or publisher or roxio or..... anyway?

arrivederci, rebecca marie

Saturday, August 26, 2006

bad news, innerwebbers

'member that time when i said that my computer was bustified? well, i wasn't kidding. i tried re-installing the operating system today, and now it does even less. actually, all that it is capable of doing at this point is turning on and making a grey line across the moniter.


so, see you around, fair internet. i'll miss you.

also, i'll be saving my pennies for a new computer. sad, huh?

arrivederci, rebecca marie

Friday, August 25, 2006

attention innerweb - this just in

this is rebecca marie coming to you live from someone elses computer. my computer is bustified. i repeat. my computer is bustified.

back to you, carl.

Friday, August 18, 2006

community project

i remember as a kid we used to always play this game (okay, not always as in every second of every day but often is what i really meant okay so back off) where each person would have a piece of paper and they would write a sentence on the paper that sounded like the begining of a story. maybe something like, "It was a dark and stormy night and jennifer and billy were driving down a windy road...," or "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away..." you know, that type of thing.

and then what they would do see is fold that part over so that the person next to them couldn't see it but they would tell the person what the last three words were like maybe they'd say, "a windy road..." or "far far away..." and the person who they passed the paper to would write the next sentence in the story only they wouldn't really know how the other person had started it so maybe they'd continue it with like, "a windy road always makes me carsick, so i'm thankful that my mom always kept vomit bags in the glove box..." or maybe, "far far away was not far enough for carl to run, if he was ever going to completely master living the life of forrest gump."

then the paper would be folded over and the people passing would tell the next person, "the glove box," or "of forrest gump." then when the papers had made it all the way around the circle, the person who started it would hear the last three words of the second to last sentence and then they would end the story. then people would take turns reading their story and sometimes they totally sucked and sometimes they were histerical.

so basically, i want to play that game. if you want to play, too, here's how i'm gonna do it. the first person to leave me their email address (you can do that thing where you go rebecca hyphen marie at hotmail dot com if you want to, i'm smart enough to decode those) in my comment section will get an email from me with the last three words of my opening sentence. they will then email me back with their sentence, and i will email the second person in my comments with the next set of last three words and so on until everyone who comments gets to play. if we need to go around twice to make it long enough, we will, cause lets face it, we want it to work, right?

then, when the story is finished, i'll post it and illustrate it. right on.

okay... who wants to play?

arrivederci, rebecca marie

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


i think i could live on fudgecicles and a vitamin. fudgecicles have 90 calories, 1.5 grams of fat, a bunch of carbohydrates and 3 grams of protein. i love fudgecicles. i had forgotten about them (i'm so sorry fudgecicles, i didn't mean to forget you) but i'm back with a vengeance.

anyway, that's not what i came here to talk about. almost everyone that i know says "anyways." it is a pet peeve of mine. nobody better go feeling all called out or anything, cause i swear, most of my friends say it, so i'm not picking. it's "anyway." not "anyways." and while we're on topic, it's "in regard to," or "regarding," not "in regards to." you can give someone your "regards," but you can not say that something is "in regards to," something else. also, i'm sure that i have a thing that i missuse all the time (" " for instance) and feel free to point it out. i don't want to be someone else's pet peeve.

why is it your pet peeve? i mean a teachers pet is their favorite student, not their least favorite. a whole bunch of stuff bugs me, like, when magnets slide down the fridge for no reason, or when you have a dairy bubble in your throat and you accidentally swallow before you get to say a bunch of stuff in your cool kermit voice. those things totally bug me, but they don't bug me nearly as much as adding an s to anyway. so why would that be my pet peeve? why not my biggest peeve? or my almost biggest peeve? or even one of my peeves. it's interesting terminology.

oh oh oh, also... despite, and in spite of. do you do something despite something else? or in spite of? i try to say "in spite of..." cause i think it sounds stronger some how. so the other day i looked up despite in ye olde websters and it's totally not even a word. i mean it is, but it only means "in spite of." so basically, we say despite cause we're lazy. you know, those of us that say despite. man i love words.

or can't hardly stand it versus can hardly stand it. well? can you sort of stand it or not at all? oh man, i really just meant this to be about a few extra esses (i didn't know how to pluralize s, so you get esses. i think maybe s'?). i am out of control.

also, if you feel like commenting, that's super awesome. if you do, can you tell me what your pet peeve is? and you can choose. tell me either the most annoying of your peeves, or your actual favorite annoyance. either way you want to take pet peeve is good with me.

arrivederci, rebecca marie